In this age of technology, almost anything and everything can be placed on the world wide web. Mobile devices have been the most portable access to the internet enabling users to browse just about anything online. It comes as no surprise that many businesses go online as well to reach wider audiences. Some even make mobile apps for download. Truly, the internet combined with mobile apps are the most powerful tools today. To make the most out of it, here are some of programming languages that can help users develop their own apps.


Existing longer than smartphones, the ever-reliable C++ still finds its importance today. Although not as high-tech looking or anything fancy about it, many programmers still find themselves working with this old language. Not many people know it, but C++ has served as the foundation for almost every app made for numerous purposes. These apps are usually found either on Android or Windows.


Apple being Apple and straying away from the common trend to promote their own, used Objective-C as their developing software. It does all things similar to C++ but with sort of upgrades that deal with input/output, the graphics, and generally the display functions that people with Apple products use. This language superset has been embedded in all Apple’s iOS devices and MacOS frameworks. Currently, Apple is phasing Objective-C out and bringing in a more updated program called Swift.


What Swift is to Apple’s Objective-C, is what C# is to Microsoft’s C++. C# is a big expansion of C++ that was made to address the growing innovation of technology. It works twice as fast as is responsible for the efficiency people enjoy with their Android or Microsoft phones. That is, of course, aside from the phone’s hardware itself. Nevertheless, any Windows laptop should have C# in it.