Many businesses offer online options for their customers through their websites. The reputation of the business is just as important as the web design of the site. Interface, design, and user experience are variables anyone needs to consider when making a web design to make people visit the page again. That said, here are some tips to take note of:

  • KISS – Keep It Simple and Straightforward

People visit the website to do or search for something. Although design is equally important, it should never hinder people from doing what they need to do on the website. Simply put, when putting elements that serve as design, make sure to also place a functional purpose for it being there. Lastly, use the right colors, fonts, and graphics that match the website and of course must be easy on the eyes.

  • Visual Hierarchy

In line with the previous bullet point, people should arrange the different elements in the website that would lead whoever reads the website to the most important part of the website. For businesses, this could be their main product or service. This could be achieved with the simple change of elements. In a website with a black background, a white-colored text would easily stand out.

  • User-friendly

Possibly the most important one, making the website user-friendly would make customers want to keep coming back. A great tip when web designing would be to imagine if they would be visiting the website they are working on. The conventionality and convenience should easily be at top priority. Providing the possible options for viewers, giving them a search bar when they are looking for something specific, placing the contact details below the page are just some ways to make the user more welcome to the website.

Always remember that design and functionality can always work together to make an exceptional web design.